Why should I use

Antispasmodics vs. Analgesics

  • Buscopan® is an antispasmodic and acts directly in the abdomen targeting and relieving the cause of abdominal pain
  • Buscopan® is well tolerated and very little is absorbed into the bloodstream
  • Many analgesics (painkillers) act by reducing the pain awareness by blocking the pain signals in the brain, thereby relieving the pain without tackling the cause
  • Therefore analgesics work in a more general way on the whole body and are absorbed into the bloodstream

Targeted relief

  • Buscopan® relaxes the muscle spasm acting directly in the abdomen where the pain and cramps occur

Fast onset of action:

  • Buscopan® starts to work in just 15 minutes

Gentle on the stomach

  • Buscopan® is gentle on the stomach and can be taken at the first sign of abdominal pain and discomfort

It is not possible to buy Buscopan® IBS Relief or Buscopan® IBS Cramps in this store, but they can be found in the healthcare aisle on your next visit.


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