1. How to use Buscomint together with Cara Care App?

Use Buscomint for abdominal discomfort relief and Cara Care to better comprehend your gut health.

For a more holistic approach, Buscomint has partnered with Cara Care, an application that helps with tracking and understanding your gut health.

2. What does the Cara Care app offer?

You will find a guided IBS program that offers:

  • A symptom, food, and stool tracker to help you make the connection between your nutritional profile, lifestyle, medication, and symptoms— with personalized advice for your specific habits.
  • A 12-week guided diet tailored for people with IBS (the low FODMAP diet).
  • Audio-guided hypnosis, plus content modules that make the connection between your gut health and your emotions, cognitions, and behavior. Mind and body are connected: when you feel good, you can make good decisions for your gut.

3. Receive 1 extra week of free premium access to Cara Care’s IBS program, provided as a courtesy of Cara Care & Buscomint partnership.

How to proceed:

  • Reply to the below survey
  • Submit it
  • Receive your promotional access code
  • Use your code on the Cara Care app to get an extra week of access to Cara Care’s premium IBS program.


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