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Relief of symptoms related to abdominal discomfort, especially in IBS

Abdominal discomfort and IBS can manifest through different type of symptoms like:

Abdominal pain
Abdominal cramps

To help you to better understand your abdominal discomfort or IBS symptoms through a holistic approach, Buscomint® has partnered with the Cara Care App.

Buscomint, your multi symptom treatment for abdominal discomfort

Buscomint is multi symptom treatment based on peppermint oil for the 3 in 1 effective relief of abdominal pain, cramps and bloating. Contains 24 gastro-resistant soft gel capsules.

3-in-1 relief of abdominal pain, cramps and flatulence
Contains 100% natural active substance: peppermint oil
Gastro-resistant capsules that allow to release the natural active ingredient in the bowel to provide relief exactly where you need it
Suitable for those with IBS. Peppermint is scientifically proven and recommended in guidelines for IBS symptoms relief


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2. Agrawal A, Whorwell PJ. Irritable bowel syndrome: diagnosis and management. BMJ. 2006;332(7536):280-283

It is not possible to buy Buscopan® IBS Relief in this store, but it can be found in the healthcare aisle on your next visit.


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