Jordan, 23


First diagnosed: “I was first diagnosed in 2014 after doctors performed a procedure to look inside my intestines. After finding no other cause for my pain, doctors finally concluded I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome.”

Emotional impact: “It was a relief to finally have a diagnosis after months of Googling my symptoms, I had convinced myself I had appendicitis. I told my partner everything and he has been very kind and supportive.”

Triggers: “I have identified my triggers as highly fatty foods like Chinese and Indian takeaway as well as processed meat like sausages. I also have found stress has a huge impact on my IBS. If I am ever feeling stressed, I’ll almost certainly experience a flare up which causes more stress.”

Impact on your life: “The extreme stomach pain prevented me living a normal life. I spent most of my early twenties not knowing the reason behind the pain and at times I would feel very down and frustrated which lead me fearing the worst.”

Advice for fellow sufferers: “My advice for fellow sufferers or for people who think they might have IBS would be to identify your triggers and keep a food diary. Giving up a few foods you like is a small price to pay to be pain free. I want people to understand that it’s not easy living with IBS and unless you have experienced the pain yourself it might sound exaggerated but believe me it’s very real and should be taken seriously.”

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