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Sometimes it can feel that IBS really does rule your life. Finding a way that helps to control your IBS means you don’t have to let your symptoms get in the way of enjoying your life. Whether it’s a night out with friends or a weekend away, there are ways to help manage your symptoms.

Once you’ve got your diagnosis, there are lots of different things you can try that will really help you get to grips with your symptoms. IBS affects each sufferer differently so finding out what works best for you is key and small changes can make such a big difference to your life.

Keeping a diary of your symptoms is a really good place to start.This will help you keep track of your triggers and might help you decide what to try first, so that you get the positive changes under way.

The three main ways to manage IBS are:

  • Stress reduction & lifestyle changes – stress can take its toll on your body in many ways and unfortunately IBS can be one of them. Stress is one of the most common triggers of IBS.

    Stress management takes lots of different forms and even the smallest change in your life—like making some time for yourself, going for a walk, or prioritising your to-do list rather than struggling to complete it—can make a big impact on your stress levels and your IBS symptoms.

  • Diet – it’s not only ‘healthy eating’ – find out more about and try some of our delicious IBS Recipes. No need to turn down a dinner party invitation because of your IBS again!

    We also have a list of useful Top Tips for more simple ways to manage your IBS and make the most of every day.

  • Product/Treatment – it’s not always possible to avoid your IBS triggers but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer with an IBS flare-up. Find out about the helpful over the counter products available for relieving the symptoms of IBS, so that you know exactly what to look for when you need fast, effective relief.

Everyone's different and it's all about finding something that works for you...

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