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If you’ve recently been diagnosed with IBS, you might be wondering what could have caused it. Experts don’t know what actually causes the condition, or why it develops when it does, although they do agree that there are some things that can trigger your symptoms and make them worse.

Knowing your triggers is one thing that might help you get to grips with your IBS and help make you feel more comfortable and in control.

Stress triggers

Stress or feeling anxious is a common trigger of IBS symptoms. In fact, around 62% of IBS sufferers say that stress causes their IBS to flare-up. It’s not always possible to avoid stress but learning how to manage it better can really help. Being stressed or feeling anxious can have a direct impact on your bowels as well as your wellbeing, so managing your stress levels is really important especially if you have IBS.

For more information and tips go to Take Control of IBS / Stress & Lifestyle.

Diet triggers

It’s not surprising that a disorder affecting the digestive system is affected by what you eat. It might surprise you that it’s not just a case of eating a ‘healthy diet’ as even foods we think of as healthy can cause IBS symptoms. There are common food triggers of IBS but it differs from person to person, so it’s more about finding out what your own triggers might be.

For more information and tips go to Take Control of IBS / .

Female hormonal triggers

More women than men suffer from IBS, and it sometimes gets worse around the time a woman has her period.

Medicine triggers

If you’ve been taking iron tablets, some painkillers or antibiotics, they can upset your stomach and give you some of the symptoms of IBS. Studies have also shown a link between IBS symptoms and drugs containing sorbitol.

Everyone's different and it's all about finding something that works for you...

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