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Whether you think you might have IBS, have just been diagnosed or have been managing the condition regularly for some time, you’re likely to have lots of questions. To help you take control of IBS, GP Dr Dawn Harper has answered some of your most common questions.


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    What exactly is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

  2. ?

    What are the symptoms of IBS?

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    How common is IBS?

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    How is IBS diagnosed?

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    What treatments could help with my IBS?

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    Can I use a treatment to help manage IBS on an ongoing basis?

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    How can I keep track of my IBS triggers?

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    How can I prepare for an IBS flare-up when I’m out and about?

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    How can I deal with IBS at work?

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    What can I do to prevent my IBS symptoms flaring up?

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    What foods can cause my IBS to flare up?

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    How can I keep IBS under control during particularly stressful situations?

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    Where can I get more information on IBS?

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    Is IBS a lifelong condition?

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    How 'serious' is IBS?

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